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       To Be My Slave


         If you want to be a slave,

        If you want to be enslaved,

        You must show Her your inner strength as well as your unquestioning trust.


        If you wish be found pleasing to Her, you must struggle to please Her and not yourself.

        If you wish to devote your life to Her, you must learn that your role is not as Her peer.

        If you would consider yourself Hers, are you prepared to be slave even when its not easy or fun?

        If you call yourself slave, will you obey even in fury or tears?


        Do you eliminate the "If"s from your vocabulary, and realize that slavery is not conditional?

        A slave gives from the heart, It doesn't consider it a "gift"

        It's not all wrapped up in rainbows and pink ribbons,

        It's bound in determined sacrifice and decorated with the tears of pain, effort, and bliss

        It's the sheerest, most primitive, raw expression of self one can give

        One gives only what is left, after the pride and defenses crumble and it is left exposed to      her eyes

      One gives itself, because one could not imagine not giving to Her.

      One is bound by own need, as strongly than the steel around one's neck.


      You have no right to expect to be respected, to expect love in 'return' for your slavery.

      You have nothing to expect, except that She will do as She pleases.

      You have no right to censor your slavery, or your thoughts or deeds.


      Are you ready to be treated as a slave?

      Are you ready to put someone's happiness above your own?


      Do you put aside your own desires and accept that they will only be fulfilled if She chooses to do so?

      Are you ready to strive always to please, and to not grow lazy and ride on past successes?

      Do you have the ability to lose your selfishness, your sense of looking after yourself first?


      Can you leave your pride behind?


      Consent is given once, when the collar is begged.

      For a slave, there is no limits or conditions on consent.

      Everything is given then, in that one moment,

      when one crawls to beg for ownership,

      regardless of whether it is denied or not.

      Consent doesn't involve negotiating, a power you gave up the moment you felt her ownership.


      You have no power once you surrender all.


      Never give what is most sacred to you, if you cannot trust this person with your life.

      Never forget, it's not about you anymore.

      Never lose sight that it is a privilege to be owned,

      and a huge responsibility to those who own you.

      Never forget to be grateful if someone does take on you as a possession.


     Can you be truly, hopelessly, absolutely owned?

     Are you worth being owned? Only She knows.

     Ownership is not taken lightly by either side.

     And if you impose limits on the Mistress you claim to be owned by...

     You only own yourself.

     If you want to be a slave,

     If you want to be enslaved,

    You must show Her your inner strength as well as your unquestioning trust.


                               ********  DO YOU UNDERSTAND ALL OF THE ABOVE ? ********

Mistress Darklady


The submissive decides how much authority, how much control and what aspects of his/her life will surrender to the Dominant's command. At any point the sub is not comfortable with this arrangement, it is within their rights to say: "No, I won't to do it"! This doesn't mean that the power dynamic between them will change, it means they need to renegotiate the agreement.

A submissive chooses to submit and has the option to say "NO"!



The slave accepts the commitment to obey. When a Dominant order is issued, whether or not the slave agrees with it, he/she will do exactly as told.
Also, in slavery a person gives themselves control to the Dominant as is humanly possible. This means not only a high degree of obedience, but to a mutual understanding of ownership and property status that arises between the parties. While both slaves and submissives are often referred to as "property", in slavery the slave becomes literally (by mutual agreement) the property of the Owner.

A slave commits to obey. A "No" becomes a dealbreaker.

A submissive has the choice to submit every time a demand is given to him/her. A slave makes a one-time choice to submit, up front, and thereafter to obey.

For many reasons I DO NOT Accept subs/subbies or submissives

Mistress Darklady

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