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" Transgender Slave  Ellie "


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* Hello ... I am Mistress_Darklady ..


( Not Here for Profit or Financial gains .. I have "NO NEED" for such things )


* Mistress DarkLady Camille = Ms DLC

* Lifestyle Domme .. former Pro-Domina


* Birth date: 26 October 1975

* Height: 4'11" - 5'4'' prox in 5 inch heels- Weight 132 lbs

* Hair: Brown / Blonde / Various

* Eyes: Brown

* Married: 04 July 2004 - Lesbian - Married My soul mate Jacqueline ...

* Astrology: Scorpio

* Zodiac: Rabbit (wood rabbit)

* Hometown: Provincetown, Ma. USA

* Born: Santa Barbara, Ca. USA

* Raised: Santa Barbara ,Ca. Malibu ,Ca. New Orleans ,La. Buras ,La. Biloxi , Ms. Mobile ,Al. Provincetown ,Ma

* Gender: Female GG

* Ancestry: Irish-Italian

* Myers Briggs Type Indicator: ENFJ

* Education: BA MA Phd Nursing , Emerg Med

* IQ: 154 ( 2005 )

* Favorite Color: Purple

* Favorite Snack: Dark Chocolate & M&M's

* Favorite Implement & Trademark: Table Tennis Bat /Paddle


I am a former Pro Domina genetic Female, lesbian and a permanent resident of Provincetown, MA. USA. I have not practiced BDSM as a professional for over 15 years. Do not let the smiles fool you ...


Jacqueline and I live an interesting life...and have experienced more than you could imagine. The average person may find Our lifestyle interesting or fascinating or maybe even frightening.


I do not mix Professions nor will I discuss them or Our private lives. I am direct and to the point and will not idle chit chat as I have no time for that. I carry a very busy daily schedule. I do not meet and have not met anyone in 15 years since I married and by mutual agreement ...What I do is " ONLINE ONLY " and has worked quite well thru the years ...


Above and beyond BDSM My interest is FEMMING MALES such as cross dressers , sissy’s and transgendered girls from novice to experienced ,those that sincerely wish to be femmed or further femmed to a level or a goal of their choice. I do not play games ,what I do is very real and known as Fem Coaching or Fem Tutoring.. all methods have been tested and those found to work are now presently in use with many..In the past almost 16 years I have worked with many to various stages and even to the extreme SRS .


My interest IS < “NOT FOR FINANCIAL OR MATERIAL GAIN “ > , it is to direct the ones who wish to be helped and guided in their transformation, novice or experienced.. in or out of the closet ,as a part time CD or a full time TG to a level or a goal you wish to sincerely will get out of it what you sincerely put into it ,you will work ,sweat and find it not easy ,but you will shape and form for the beginning of your transformation.


All that apply will find Me very understanding and discreet when needed. Those chosen to serve and learn servitude and enter Femming will also find Me loving ,caring ,fair, somewhat gentle ,but also very firm and strict. All rules, protocols and instruction will be obeyed without question , NO EXCEPTIONS for any girl who joins Me .

I will accept an unattached male slave who is smoothly shaven or waxed head to toes that has a G String heels and some Red Lippy...


Message Me if this is something you sincerely seek.. Remember this is TOTALLY FREE .. I have NO Need for any Financial Gain or Gifts /Gratuity. The only cost to you is some time nothing more...



Mistress Darklady ...


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Here are some of our girls being very naughty!!!

                         You could be next

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" TG Slave ~ Gianna "

" TG Slave ~ Gianna "


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" Sissy Hana "

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" Transgender Slave Trisha "

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" Transgender Slave Gianna "

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"Visitor's Map"

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