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 Are you seeking a Pro-Domme?

Are you sure what you seek is a Pro-Domme?


Often the conception of what a Pro-Domme is wrong.

A Pro-Domme is a professional Dominatrix.


A Pro-Domme is NOT a prostitute.

A Pro-Domme is NOT an escort..



This means that the Person you are seeing will provide a BDSM fantasy setting and experience. A Pro-Domme never gets naked. A Pro-Domme never has sex with Her subjects. Exactly what a Pro-Domme can and can't do legally is governed by the local municipality, the state, and the government.  This will vary, so be sure to speak freely about what experience you are looking for. Because the laws can be vague I suggest that you go to a real professional who has been inspected by local authorities and that operates within the legal parameters. This is suggested because many of the subjects are married or involved with someone who would not understand if there was an arrest.  If the person is legal you have vastly reduced that possibility. Additionally, you should be concerned with safety and health. An experienced person who has had Hepatitis vaccinations and uses hospital grade cleaners is always going to be your best bet. Many sessions will involve some sort body fluids: sweat, spit, and possibly blood.  Some personal items should never be shared - so consider purchasing any personal items for a session.


And no matter how much care a Pro-Domme takes there is always a chance for bruising, sprains, muscle strain, and other accidents. If you absolutely can not be marked then you should not take the risk. The Pro-Domme will not know your medical history and how your body will react to different toys. There are many principles used to not mark a subject but again, accidents can happen.


In the United States, f you go to a legal Pro-Domina do not expect a sexual release ejaculation. A Pro-Domme is NOT a prostitute. A Pro-Domme is NOT an escort. A subject does not pay for services to be rendered but subjects are allowed and expected to offer tributes to the Pro-Domme. Many times the Pro-Domme will have the minimum amount of tributes accepted listed on Her web site. Do not expect Her to have phone conversations with you. If you are interested in that, many have 900 phone numbers/services. Most will have a web site gallery, so don't ask for more pictures.