Sep 6



I found this forum by accident, after clicking on a link on TV Chix. I hadn't realised Mistress Darklady had such a spanking new website!


So this is just a post to say hello and to hope that as time goes on it becomes more active in here :)


You can find me at TV Chix as rebecca_hi if you want to - always craved to apply to be a DLC girl but sadly can't fulfil the hairless requirement owing to my personal circumstances. But I love to see and hear how everyone else is getting on xx

Sep 12

hi shelley!


well thanks for that bit of encouragement - you're right, never say never. who knows, a miracle might happen and i could get to shave my legs!!


i hope you're having a fantastic time of it xx

this may sound like an echo of shelley yet i too am learning never no longer means never. believing british t-gurls rock seeing your tvCHIX page rebecca confirms it. peace, DLC's alyssa.

Sep 20

Thank you so much, Alyssa. That's a lovely sentiment.


I really enjoyed your story - but I hope your bum cheeks aren't too sore!


rebecca xxxx

Sep 21

I can understand all the above. I also found Mistress Darklady on tvchix. I also never thought that I could do it but it was and is such a lure to be like this that I finally gave in and submitted myself. I felt so much relief when I finally sent the application and was thrilled when accepted.



Sep 22

I'm so glad it's all worked out for you (and not a little envious!)

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  • here is a site of mine entilted Bliss of alys. Dominatrix Camille as always is my inspiration for sharing my ever expanding feminine side and this site is an expression of that. while some of the larger site's content as a whole is not my 'cup of tea' there is plenty there that touches the 'woman within' this gurl. peace, DLC's alyssa
  • i have just finished reading Mistress DLC's natasha's latest tvCHIX profile update. highly recommended for others to read there is no other way to say it.... the new woman is an inspiration. she has through the help of others and as she pointed out most importantly Dominatrix Camille demonstrated courage and perseverance in identifying and following through with her life goal of becoming an authentic woman. in digesting the detailed information of her path leaves me with a profound sense of admiration considering the difficulty involved in accomplishing it. while regarding her to be a 'sister' i am not in any way close to her yet i feel she has illuminated the way for those that may follow (tho likely they may be uncertain as to the depth of challenges). as a side note if anything it exposes 'game players' to be the imposters they are. i know if i end up following to completion the same path i will likely seek her advice. it goes with out saying that i will only get there by following Mistress DLC's insight. to me it makes me even more aware of the guiding light that Dominatrix Camille is. if i may say the Woman is a true source of wisdom and knowledge and even candor when it comes to becoming what it would seem so many of us (her gurls) want. i wish all the best to both Mistress Darklady and her gurl natasha in the days ahead. peace, DLC's alyssa
  • Would you please let me know how I can post a photo of who I am in the introductory tab as above xx