Oct 29

Feminae Primus part 2



Ashley stared at him while he sat on the toilet seat, the cotton panties at his ankles he looked up at her.

“Here baby slip off those panties…..I’ll find something better looking for you Sharon after we shower”


The woman had taken the two of them to her favorite Thai restaurant when he was told midway through dinner he was coming home with her it was enough he beamed out a smile on hearing it.


Moving close she patted his pubic hair.


“I want to give you a nicer looking trim appearance here.”


Sitting to pee he felt so emasculated as he heard the urine hitting the water below. Ashley pulled out some tissue and gave a pat to his covered penis head behind the chastity cage.


“Here just a few pats to collect any drippings….you’ll soon get used to doing it just like a woman does….besides eliminating any splatter on the seat you’ll find its much more practical to sit.”


The shower felt so good with Ashley and him both washing each other under the warm spray. She next began to lathering his body with hair removal crème. Moving him away from the rainspout showerhead she let the hair removal crème do its thing. As she turned he let his eyes take in the sight of her milky breasts.


“I just love having breasts…they look so pretty and feel so amazing…..here Sharon lets have you play with them.’


“Ashley I’m kind of getting use to being called the name Sharon.”


“Here baby just lightly squeeze them, let me feel how gentle you can be….I like calling you Sharon honey, Rebecca was right it seems to fit your personality.”


Moving in his hands softly caressed her breasts. Captivated by the sheer lusciousness of them he lowered his mouth to the nipple. As most women do she recognized it for what it was. Ashley knew it was an instinctual drive being activated. Since birth a male first learns to suckle on a mother’s breasts yet as they become older their sense of fascination with their distinctly feminine shape only grows stronger. Many a male often ponders what it would be like to have their own as their bodies move deeper into the masculine.


Carefully using the razor she next took a pair of scissors to give him a crisp looking ‘V’ shape trim to his pubic hair.


“Baby sit on the bench seat I want to wash your hair, you need conditioner and I have a shampoo that will add volume….your nails also need attention.”


“Ashley do you know what it would be like when one becomes a transgurl, I mean you have a lot of books there in your store on it.”


His penis limp as a dishrag in the chastity cage he listen as she continued to work on trimming his mound.


“Well I have a few t-gurls working for me, I look on sexuality as more a spectrum then being binary. There is more to becoming a woman then just wearing panties.”


On her knees she held the razor away from his body to look at him.


“Though wearing pretty lingerie is sooo nice….I mean the way it caresses your skin. As for becoming a transgurl I think one benefits from living their life from their emotions. Being put on female hormones one gets to experience that kind of life. Lets look at you, you have the kind of body that would take to estrogen very well.”


She let her hands move up to hold still near his chest.


“These nipples of yours are nice, they’re already are kind of large, estrogen would make them so sensitive and even more expansive…..yes, you definitely would enjoy seeing them take on a lovely contour and fullness.”


By the time they were finished showering but for his new ‘V’ on his mound he was hairless from noes to toes. Holding still while sitting he watched Ashley use a facial epilator on his face. At the time he had no idea that its purpose was to eradicate hair follicles stealing away the masculinity they brought with when present.


A look down had him see her apply a clear nail polish on toes and fingernails using an emery board she soon gave a pointed shape to them. Ashley lifted his head by the chin.


“Just look up while I use the hot air blower and brush.”


A few minutes later his hair had a new fuller look and style to it. Standing above him Ashley held the lipstick tube and compact.


“Sharon honey, would you mind, I want to see what a little powder and cream would do for your look?”


Silently he nodded his head while smiling he could feel himself being pulled into her feminine orbit even more.


In todays world males spend on average near $3,000 on make up. In the UK one out of twenty use makeup. The sales growth rate of male beauty brands is expanding to reach and in some cases exceed those of females. From skin care to waxing to manicures and facials males are taking to becoming more like females in realizing makeup will improve their looks. One could argue it is another example of the feminization of society. As woman take on more power males become more like females in both inspiration towards them and imitation of them. Simply put, as women become more of a primary force males are taking to becoming their accessories.


A look of victory came on Ashley’s face as she started to apply the makeup. Seeing him slipping into the ‘sub-space’ Rebecca had spoken about it was as though she knew it was the feminine triumphing over the masculine. As a feminist she couldn’t be more pleased anything that reduced masculinity bringing one closer to the feminine within she was all for.


A quick motion had her opening the medicine cabinet. Twisting the handle the nipple suction piece was put to his chest. She again tightly held it against his skin as she next twisted the tip of the cap. Wearing it he watched as she secured another matching one.


“Just let them hold still while I tidy up these bushy eyebrows of yours dear.”


Glancing into the mirror he could see how his nipples filled the clear plastic containers. It took a few minutes longer then she thought before she took his hands and guided him to the floor mirror. His hair had a lovely volume and style to it as it framed his made up face. Ashley put her head next to his.


“So pretty Sharon ….the woman within is being revealed for who she is…..now lets see how feminine your nipples look like.”


A soft plopping sound came out as she removed the nipple suckers. His hand lifted breaking at the wrist he let it set between the pair of lifted pouted nipples. It sounded as soft as any girls might when he spoke.


“I feel so different Ashley, look how pretty I am……my nipples…….they’re so feminine looking.”


“Yes I would say not only pretty I would say your beautiful Sharon…..would you like me to put some red polish on those nails of yours baby?....it would match your lipstick and pick up the pinkish hue of your blush.”


He sat once more as she applied the red polish. Teasing him she let her breasts sway back and forth increasing his sense of envy towards their luscious femininity.


The extra 30 pounds Ashley had on him made her the aggressor in bed. Playfully moving on all fours the two shifted until she was behind him. Ashley let her tongue run along the slit between his butt cheeks. Sharon took to swinging his bottom cheeks back and forth while his chastity cage had his balls moving in timed motion.


She heard him moan out girlishly on feeling her slick tongue wet the slit between his pretty twin bottom globes. A quick lick to his balls a few times acted as a reminder his penis was restrained. Ashley next concentrated on his rosebud entrance, treating it as though it was a pussy she let her tongue slip inside.


“Oh that feels sooo good Ashley.”


The woman’s tongue darted in and out quickly.


“Oh ohhh ohhh ohhh, ohhh.”


It sounded so emasculating with her licking making him moo. A band of lube slid downward before she used her finger to slip inside. Much like any submissive gurl might he held still awash in sensations. Ashley next slid in a vibrator.


“That’s it baby feel that dildo of a cock.”


Sharon slid back and pushed his bottom riding the cock shaped vibrator. His arms leaned forward as he arched his back. He stared at how pretty his polished nails look while relishing the feeling of the vibrating cock.


“Oh that feels so nice.”


“Go ahead and say it baby, tell me it feels nice to have a cock inside you.”


He turned to look over his shoulder letting his long hair move seductively.


“Oh Ashley your cock feels so nice inside me.”


Pulling it out she put her mouth to his rosebud licking away like it was his pussy she kept at it until he started to cream in spite of the chastity cage.


“Oh I’m getting wet…..please don’t stop.”


The next morning it just seemed natural to be in the nightie she’d put him in, long and flowing it had a certain feminine whimsy to it being trimmed in lace embroidering. With Ashley in her favorite a pair of plaid shorts and a sweatshirt the contrast was striking.


Sharon pulled his knees higher while reading the book about becoming trans, it was titled ‘Be the best t-gurl you can be’.


“This is very interesting Ashley.”


“Baby you’d make a lovely gurl…..I must confess I had a dream last night where you were a bride……”


She leaned forward and softly kissed him.


“And not just any bride…..but my bride.”


She pulled him close and took his hand to rest on her breast. Like any male all his life he had a certain fascination about boobies.


“I think my darling would like her nipple suckers on?”


He shook his head yes.


The nipple suckers lived up to their reputation once more pulling his nipples outward until they had a stiff firm look to them much like any aroused woman may have. Pressing against the sheer nightie the lifted appearance was something Ashley wanted to see.


Slipping even closer next to him she had him lay the book down as she caressed his arm.


“Sharon honey slip out of your sexy negligee.”


It seemed like everything was happening in slow motion. Ashley moved close and let her mouth settle on his smooth breasts slathering them with wetness as her lips moved across.


A gentle docile contented look came on his face as she sucked on his nipple…looking up she let her large d-cups sway.


“Its so nice having breasts like mine…..baby you want me to play with your lovely nipples some more?”


He shook his head yes.


With her arm around him she spoke.


“Breasts feels so nice, oh Sharon look at how pouted your nipples look…that is so sexy looking,”


He didn’t know what made him say it


“What’s it like to wear a pretty bra?”


Kissing him softly she looked at him.


“So soft and gentle a brassiere just caresses your skin, they look so pretty trimmed in lace and little frilly bows…why I had an old girlfriend of mine leave plenty of her lingerie behind after she left.”


Once more she kissed him.


“She had the cutest little pair of perky b-cups….. why I bet some of her things would fit you…but first lean back and spread your legs for me.”


Tucked into a pair of thong panties concealing his chastity cage she let him watch her slip in the hands free dildo. She next pulled out the anal plug she had kept him in while he slept. Shimmying close he saw the length of the cock shaped dildo.


“That’s it Sharon…spread those gorgeous legs of yours…..its time I bring out that gentle yielding nature I know exists within you.


Watching as it slipped inside him he felt a band of feminine energy flow through him. He knew he was about to be fucked like a gurl and yet he wanted it. His hands went up to his pouted nipples biting his lip he felt her enter him as he tweaked each nipple girlishly.


Long slow measured strokes on her part had Ashley pushing and pulling the dildo in and out until she had set a rhythm. Setting the pace the slapping sounds of her pelvis hitting Sharon’s bottom cheeks filled the air. Ashley thought it sounded sexy as hell.


A few minutes in his face took on a docile feminine appearance at enjoying the feeling of penetration. The skilled Lesbian woman felt the power she had over him knowing she now would take him deeper into the lady pond.


“Ashley ….my insides….they feel so nice…..the way your cock moves….it makes it feel so sensitive.”


Be it a woman or a t-gurl under her or a boy she would turn trans Ashley loved doing her next move. In one motion she wrapped his legs around her hips and lifted up to next drop the full weight of her body on him while fucking Sharon.


“Oh dear me, you’re so strong it makes me feel so weak.’


“That’s it honey….just hold on for the ride….your woman is in control.”


His hands gently held on to her lightly resting on the back of her broad shoulders.


“Your arms are so strong and your breasts feel so soft….I feel like I am at one with you Ms Ashley.”


“Sharon dear I must tell you seeing how pretty you look really turns me on…..you would look so gorgeous with a pair of beautiful breasts….we take another 20 or 30 pounds off your frame they would really stand out….you would discover what it means to have an upper body awareness.”


The seasoned lesbian could tell he was thinking about it, as with any idea once the seed of it is planted it’s difficult not to focus on it.


“Would they be the kind to jiggle Maam?”


“Would you like a pair big enough they’d have no choice but to wiggle every time you moved honey?”


He bit his lip.


“Yes I think I would Ashley.’


“Why everyday after showering you’d be choosing what bra and panty set to wear. My old girlfriend’s friends things….well lets just say she was a real girlie girl. You’re going to like wearing what’s there besides I’ll insist on it.”


It a subtle yet still a shift Ashley had deftly taken him from suggesting he wear feminine under things to presuming under her direction he would be in womanly intimate wear every day.


“Ohhh my …your cock….it’s going even deeper…..ohhhhh I’m going….ohhhhh, ohhhhhh, I’m going to……uuuugggggg……eeeeewwww.”


That last part sounded distinctly masculine creaming in his panties without having even had his soft little locked penis touched Sharon held still. Like many a male he thought it was over now that he had cum. She took note he’d need voice lessons. Ashley kept at it with her dildo wanting to move him past the libido drop she knew was coming, she did the only thing she could do she continued to fuck him.


“Ohhhh it still feels good.”


“That’s right sweetie, just because you’ve gotten wet doesn’t mean it’s over…I’m going to show you how to climax like a woman…..it’s time you discover you can do it multiple times then have an amazing final orgasm by being penetrated.”


The truth-bomb went off as he brushed his hair out while wearing the lingerie and heels. Sharon had to admit to him self he loved being penetrated. Adjusting the shoulder straps of the patted out lace bra he couldn’t seem to stop thinking about being taken by Ashley. Any claim he may have had at being the alpha male had vanished by the time Tuesday morning rolled around.


It turned out in Ashley’s finished attic there were 4 large bins that held an assortment of lingerie. Most any crossdresser would have thought they died and gone to heaven. With Sharon going through them like a spoiled kid at Christmas with too many presents Ashley took stock of what was there. The woman saw pretty basques and bustiers, bra and panty sets a few with matching garters, camisole’s, a dozen different pair of tights and stay-up thigh highs, two boned corset’s with metal stays, Babydolls and chemises, bodysuits and teddies along with sheer cover-ups an 3 different robes and gowns.


Moving from the lingerie bins Sharon discovered the girl had left a full closet of clothing from one end of the rack to the other. Best of all nearly all of the two dozen pairs of shoes in the hanging cloth fabric racks on the side were Sharon’s size.


End of part 2…..

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  • i have just finished reading Mistress DLC's natasha's latest tvCHIX profile update. highly recommended for others to read there is no other way to say it.... the new woman is an inspiration. she has through the help of others and as she pointed out most importantly Dominatrix Camille demonstrated courage and perseverance in identifying and following through with her life goal of becoming an authentic woman. in digesting the detailed information of her path leaves me with a profound sense of admiration considering the difficulty involved in accomplishing it. while regarding her to be a 'sister' i am not in any way close to her yet i feel she has illuminated the way for those that may follow (tho likely they may be uncertain as to the depth of challenges). as a side note if anything it exposes 'game players' to be the imposters they are. i know if i end up following to completion the same path i will likely seek her advice. it goes with out saying that i will only get there by following Mistress DLC's insight. to me it makes me even more aware of the guiding light that Dominatrix Camille is. if i may say the Woman is a true source of wisdom and knowledge and even candor when it comes to becoming what it would seem so many of us (her gurls) want. i wish all the best to both Mistress Darklady and her gurl natasha in the days ahead. peace, DLC's alyssa
  • Would you please let me know how I can post a photo of who I am in the introductory tab as above xx
  • Feminine Power Play by DLC's alyssa Rebecca Sanders loaded the last box of new books into her automobile pausing she took a look at her image splashed across the glossy cover. Her pride swelled enough she spoke the title out loud ‘Feminine Power Play’. The author event had been the 5th one in the last week, like any seasoned writer she was old school enough to realize a new book still needed to be promoted if it was to climb its way up the best sellers list. Thinking about where to go for dinner she slammed the trunk closed only to see a male holding a smirk on his face after taking a sip of the coffee from the take out cup. Standing on the curb made him seem taller then her. “You know I think its bullshit……that book of yours…. everyone knows male’s are the superior specie. I listened to your presentation too.” It wasn’t the first time the woman had been challenged. Making a quick assessment she detected a look she was quite familiar with. To her way of thinking males always felt threatened by an alpha woman and would bluster about how they were better when quite the opposite was true. She stuck her hand out to shake his while making the offer. “What say we have dinner on me and you can tell me why you erroneously think the way you do.’ Dropping the empty cub in the trash bin he replied. “Yea sure…my name’s Alvin.” Giving a squeeze in the handshake she let him know her muscle strength was firmer then he may have first thought. Just before pulling away she tightened her grip and twisted his wrist enough he felt a tweak in the extrinsic ligaments. It was trick her mother had taught her best a male on a handshake and you expose a weakness that can be exploited. He pulled back and used his other hand to rub his sore wrist. “Sorry honey, hope I didn’t hurt you…..being a weightlifter I should know better.” His wrist throbbing her comment immediately threw him off his game while giving her the momentum. “We’ll go to Tanner’s grill and broil at the end of the mall there.” Rebecca took a step up onto the high curb making him realize at 5’ 7” he actually was smaller then her 5’ 11” height. It was her belief males often didn’t know how to handle an assertive woman especially one more intellectually superior and physically commanding. As the two walked she held her purse by the strap before stopping. “Need to make a call …would you hold this while I search for my phone…you won’t mind will you?” Without waiting for a reply she slipped her purse on his shoulder tip and opened it to fish through it. Back on his heels so to speak he commented. “Hummmm no I guess its….” Pulling her phone out she stepped back a few feet so he would be left with her purse on his shoulder. Rebecca took to walking a few feet ahead of him aware a male feels nervous when holding a purse or lingerie as well for that matter. It was as though they were violating some type of male code that said only women carry purses. Nearing the door she unbuttoned two buttons of her silk blouse. A quick tweak to each nipple of her d-cup breasts through her bra had them pressing against the fabric of her ivory colored satin blouse. Rebecca held the door for him to walk through. Again it was a violation of the unwritten male code that said he should treat a woman like a lady and be the one holding the door for her. Walking inside in front of the large female he next felt her hand slip down and give a gentle quick rub to his ass. It was enough of a startle he turned quickly to look over his shoulder. “Hope it’s ok to tell you …..baby you have a pretty bum.” “Hummm yea, what? …I mean I guess so.” “There’s no guessing about it…it’s definitely a nice looking ass….I like that in a cute lover.” She was turning the tables on him more often felt by women she was making him feel like the objectified one. The ‘cute lover’ comment had a purpose as well. Knowing it represented the oldest and most primitive part of a mind a male’s ‘reptilian brain’ lurks right below the surface, any possibility of sex will drive a male’s instinctual thought processes. Just as she had thought he let his eyes look at her breasts with the aroused nipples on display. Using ‘pet names’ instead of a surname also subtly diminishes a male’s sense of masculinity. How many women hated being called darling or baby or sweet cheeks by one they hardly knew? “Sweetie, open the purse I need some lippy.” In between the two doors of the restaurant Rebecca stepped closer, once more fishing in she pulled out her lipstick from the purse he held open. Being the only two in the vestibule between the doors he had little choice but to watch her apply it. Like purses and lingerie makeup was a mystery to many a male. She slowly did the lower lip before stopping to look down at him while smiling. His eyes seemed captivated at watching her apply the lipstick. Leaning closer she spoke then moved her left hand through his longish unkempt hair. “Sweetie you have gorgeous hair, tell me if I get my lippy on my upper lip correctly …..you’re single right?” Her fingers slowly ran the lipstick tube across on the right side before doing the same on the left of her lip. “Yes I am single…your lips look pretty Rebecca.’ The woman moved ever closer tilting his head by his chin she kissed him leaving behind some of the cream of the lipstick. “That’s the nice thing about lipstick everyone can look pretty wearing it.” She leaned in and kissed him again letting her hand slip around his that was holding her purse, she gave another slight rub to his butt before pulling back. As though hit by a thunderbolt he was speechless. Taking him by his free hand she led him into the restaurant. “I know just what to order for us…..you won’t mind will you?” In few minutes time she had managed to objectify him by telling him he had nice hair and a pretty butt. She had him holding a purse and had put lipstick on him and was leading him by the hand all of which went without any of it being objected to. It was another reason why she knew women were the superior specie. The table in back in the quiet dimly lit room had them being near alone after the server left a single menu. Rebecca pointed to the bench seat in the booth then slid in on the same side after him.’ “Ally honey take out the little bottle of perfume I have in there.’ He opened the purse and started to look for the bottle. Looking in he spoke. “Its Alvin.” “I know but I like Ally……. it seems to fit and it’s less formal…..much more personal if we’re to get to know each other better honey.” As though finding some lost treasure he held the travel size bottle of ‘Modern Muse’ from Estee Lauder. Rebecca took it and spritzed some on to her neck before holding her free hand to spray some on her wrist. As she intended some also landed on his neck and collar before she leaned in and kissed him. “I just love the smell of perfume.” After saying it she lifted his hand to her left breast. He gave it a squeeze as she kissed him again. Next he felt her hand run along the crotch of his pants until she felt his penis. Her mouth near his face she whispered. “Ally honey gently pepper my neck with kisses, it’s been a tough day and I need a little touch of tenderness….I can tell you watch your figure, I like trim and thin.” It came out softly from him. “I try to stay thin.” As only a woman can do she pivoted her waist to turn closer to him. His hand gently caressing her breast he continued softly kissed her neck. She could hear his nostrils flare at taking in the scent of her perfume. He thought it felt so nice to glide his hand along the slickness of her silk blouse. Catching the woman server approaching out of her eye she pulled back. “Good evening, you’ll be the last customers here tonight.” “A bottle of your best Chardonnay, he’ll have the 8oz filet medium and a salad no potato.” Rebecca lifted her hand along the side of her mouth loud enough for all to hear she spoke. “Honey’s watching his figure…” She looked at Alvin and smiled before turning back after seeing the blush rise to his cheeks. “….and let me have the special.” “Ok then one lady cut filet and you’ll have the penne pasta with beef tenderloin strips…..glad to see you’re the one ordering for the two of you…its nice to see a woman taking control…I see it more and more these days.” As the dinner disappeared off their plates the discussion centered on her books premise. “Males have rigged the system tell me your last two jobs….. how did you get them?” “I had friends recommend me.” “That’s nothing but the old boy network you’re talking about, did they even think to interview any women?…it’s not a level playing field yet in time women will be taking over once qualifications are taken into consideration and become the basis for hiring. Future doctors, lawyers, accountants and other areas women are out performing and out scoring males in college and university. They have better track records in finance as well….let’s face it male greed brought on the last recession that almost completely collapse the economy.’ “Yes well since you put it that way you’re probably right.” “No probably about it…the stats prove it out…..as to my books premise we should have a game of it so I can prove my point. Are you free for the next few days or so?” “Yea, I’m in sales and my schedule is totally open these days…I haven’t sold a lick of product in awhile…everything goes online.” “Good then I’ll make a proposition,….you come home with me and for the first few days I’ll be in charge and you simply obey…that means you do what you’re told with out question…..to make it interesting I’ll wager a weekend or so full of the best sex you’ll ever have if you win the contest.” “Hummm sure thing Rebecca…sounds good.” “That means I’ll call you what I want ‘Ally’ honey.” “I can live with that Rebecca.” “It means you’ll address me the way I want as well.” “Sure Rebecca.” Wanting to stifle his display of assertiveness she knew it was time to take control from that point on. Rebecca gave a look towards the kitchen before slipping off her blouse. Smiling at Alvin she swiftly reached back and unhooked her bra freeing her luscious breasts that had lovely expansive areolas with near 3” of circumference. Slipping her blouse back on she handed him the lace-embroidered bra. “Ally slip this into your purse….yes I said ‘your’ purse……I like wearing a pretty bra as much as the next woman…you haven’t had to live all day with underwire……at least not yet.” Holding the lace bra with two fingers like it was some kind of piece of radioactive material he started to try and fold it. “Put the one cup along next to the other then slip the straps near by ….I can see you have some learning to do when it comes to lingerie.” For the next fifteen minutes he couldn’t keep his eyes from stealing glances as her breasts having been made free to wiggle did so frequently. Learning he took an Uber the two got in her car for the trip to her home in the country. The piece had plenty of padded leather yet still looked like a mad scientist at IKEA had designed it. It was like he was sliding onto a crotch rocket motorcycle free of an engine. The piece had him leaning forward, his chin on the edge of the leather with his arms hanging down and his hands low near his bent knees. In back his penis and balls hung free dangling like the drooping branches of a willow tree. “Like this Rebecca?” “Yes that’s a start lets clip a few things in place.’ The next thing he knew his wrists and ankles had been restrained by padded cuffs, giving a tug he discovered he was going anywhere until the woman allowed it. “Hey I can’t move except for my head a little bit.” “That’s the idea my pet…..oh I do love control.” “Your pet? …and what about my clothes?” “Yes for now that’s what you’ll be treated like…pets have no need for clothing…at least not right now.” Coming back in after the shower she had let him stew for a good hour. The gown of a cover up was a sheer floor length piece that allowed for her body to be silhouetted. Its glory still shrouded in a little mystery Rebecca stood right in front of him, his face close to her vagina she let him take in her scent for a good ten minutes without speaking a word. It seemed to unnerve him yet she saw his nostrils flaring, as though adopting to her fragrance even breaths by him took in each measured whiff of a scent. In her youth Rebecca had been a disciple of Elise Sutton’s 3 book treatise on female domination of the male. Believing many a male was actually submissive she felt it could be leveraged, that a male could be completely trained to worship a woman and would accept changes in his life in both appearances and psychological make up as a demonstration of it. Under the direction of an alpha female a male’s body and mind could be reshaped in the image and likeness of a woman. He could be made to think like a submissive woman and could be given a feminine body to match his thoughts. With the advent of female hormones becoming easier to obtain a male could gradually transition into that of a female acquiring a level of docile submissiveness previously not experienced. The fact remained advances in medicine now made it possible for males to become post–op T-Gurls a true reality. On the ride to her home she had learned but for a couple of forays going out with girls Alvin had never really been in a true relationship with a woman. “Take in my scent dear…It will help you realize woman are superior…you’ll learn your rightful place is to be in devoted submission to the feminine….every day you will be trained to digest my fluids, you’ll learn every nook and cranny of the pretty flower of a vagina I possess….you will come to treat it as though your life source…..say yes my Mistress Rebecca.” Staring at her pussy he didn’t respond as quick as she wanted. Rebecca reached back with her strong arm and suddenly slapped his face hard with the open palm of her hand. “You need not hesitate when learning the truth….speak my pet.” “Yes my Mistress Rebecca.” “Admit it …it feels good to call me your mistress.” This time he didn’t hesitate. “It does my Mistress Rebecca.” The woman stepped close pulling his head to her vagina she soon felt his tongue and lips licking her pussy. Rotating her hips she made sure she left her juices all around his mouth before pulling back. Rebecca pulled up the high-backed stool, shifting it close he watched as her vagina moved within an inch of his mouth. For the next hour her ‘Ally’ licked and slurped and kissed away at her pussy. Its been said by researchers that the fluids of a female vagina actually open up a male’s mind to accept whatever it is told while digesting them. Without tripping over the rabbit hole of the chemistry involved something about masking the male neuro peptides allows feminine short-chain polypeptides to activate the biochemistry of serotonin and dopamine linking what they hear with the felling of euphoria expanding. Having proved it to her self with others in the past she kept speaking as he licked. “Think about pet…it’s likely you have searched your entire life to find a woman like me….to be with me you must surrender…a cup must be emptied before it can be filled….don’t fight it just surrender…let go and learn to love the one you serve…over and over in your head you will repeat the mantra ….Mistress Rebecca is my Dominatrix…it is she who I must obey …my mistress knows what’s best for me…. I am willingly surrendering to her’ It is a spiritual axiom one will experience what ever they say after the words ‘I am.” Rebecca had enjoyed his licking yet knew she could train him to do it even better. Walking back in front of him after securing his chastity cage she bent to kiss him. “Sleep my pet, you’ll enjoy hearing the sounds coming from your headphones.” “Yes my Mistress.” “Oh Allison honey as things develop you’re going to ask me in time to transform you.” “Mistress you’re going to transform me?...into what Maam?” “Yes baby I’m not going to force you……No…..you’re going to ask me to do it….we’ll let it be a surprise…… watch you’ll see my pet…here this will help….take it….. now sleep dear tomorrow will be busy…should you need to go 1 or 2 there is a bucket below. ” “Is there something on my dick….it feels funny.” “You must have stepped out for that part of my author event….It’s called a male chastity device…don’t worry honey I have the key….see, it’s right here on my pendant necklace….sleep now.” The hypnotic programming coming from the headphones would be aided by the hallucinogens of the potent marijuana edible. Consciously Alvin would hear classical music while in the background his subconscious was being wiped clean with new beliefs replacing old accepted truths. Rebecca checked the feed on her laptop to see he had fallen into trance. When one’s mind goes blank thoughts of submission feel natural. His subconscious mind began hearing the phrase “drifting into trance feels nice….emptiness is bliss…I fall into trance so easily… I will obey, I must obey I like to obey…my mistress knows whats best for me…” Over and over his mind was layered with new beliefs during the course of the next 3 days. Once Rebecca was confident a new foundation was in place she would tweak his conditioning. A simple snap of her finger or a certain set of words or even single word could slip him into awakened trance. There was no other way to say it, his face looked pretty, long curled lashes drenched in mascara, his cheeks a lovely darkish red matching his crimson lipstick, the high feminine arch to his sculpted eyebrows, a pale foundation bringing out the array of other colors of his eye shadow. “Males make the mistake of assuming a woman needs a cock.” Having made the statement she leaned forward letting her breasts rub against Ally’s face. “Breasts feel sooo nice… have you been thinking about wearing a bra…..how pretty it feels how womanly it makes you look…it’s to be expected dear….there Allison sweetie pout your pretty lips, suck on my nipples. …oh I just love when another girl does that to me.” Allison did as was told wet with saliva his colored lips moved around while his tongue licked the nipple to hardness, a sharp breath had the budding t-gurl pull the nipple in. Moments later when it popped out he saw the lipstick imprint he’d left behind. Shaking his long hair he felt a band of femininity flow through him. “As I was saying males think a woman must have a cock truth is anyone can be made to enjoy a cock …here I’ll show you …lets move you in front of the mirror kitten….I think my lovely would like to see what makeup can do for one.” Into his 4th month on female hormones Rebecca’s Allison had developed a gentle nature about him. The first weekend set up and led him to being trained like a puppy for the next two months. 8 days after beginning his stay at the woman’s house he watched her email his company’s HR department saying he quit. In the mornings she would slip a ‘humbler’ on his penis and balls, he soon discovered it forced him to walk on all fours unless he wanted to experience a sharp stabbing pain. Knee pads and leather gloves on his balled up hands made the movement easier to handle. With Rebecca holding his leash they would stroll the grounds. As with anyone once kept naked their self-esteem diminishes while developing a certain admiration for the person who is the authority figure in their world. Living out of a puppy cage ‘Allison’ relinquished any hold on assertiveness. His Domina fed him bathed him disciplined him until his submission was a given. Call it the ‘Stockholm syndrome’ yet he soon knew he ‘needed’ to be with her. Applying the right amount of praise and gentleness mingled with moments of strict behavior modification utilizing spankings Rebecca could see he was close to being broken. Into the third month his weight loss showed itself. Made easier being on estrogen as the pounds dropped off so to did his muscle strength. Soft caresses applying moisturizer after his evening bath became a delight he wanted to experience. There still were days when she would use the padded chair when needing to drive home a point yet by month four he was moved into a room that had the look of a girl ready to leave behind her childish ways and accept her womanhood. Domestic training became her focus Rebecca insisted he learn all there was to keep a home spotless and pristine. There were times when he would see his reflection and come to realize just how pretty looking he was becoming. The words of his hypnotic training seemingly would take over reinforcing their messages that were in line with his developing appearance. As he stared in the mirror many a morning the gentle voice in his head would speak. “My life is now about becoming a woman, I am focusing on my changes, I am always improving and becoming a woman is an improvement.” Pushing the padded leather piece in front of the floor mirror ‘Allison’ saw how he looked wearing makeup. “I enjoy being naked with another girl…..” His body strapped to the piece he looked up and smiled at seeing how pretty he appeared. “….it makes one feel safe doesn’t it dear….being in ‘our’ girl world that is…..no silly males around to disturb us…baby your skin is soooo soft.” Rebecca ran her hand along his body before standing in front to jostle her breasts. Bending at the waist she leaned down and kissed him once more. It pleased Rebecca to see him close his eyes before receiving it recognizing it often was what a submissive gurl would do. Moving in behind him she slipped out the anal plug and secured the strap-on cock to her hips. Easing it in there was no mistaking he could feel the intrusion inside him. Plenty of lube had it moving easily in and out while she developed a certain pace and tempo to the act. “Yes making a gurl climax…. well a cock certainly can make one get wet…. does your boi-pussy like that honey?” He mooed out. “Yes Mistress…..I feel so wet inside….it’s so slippery.” The woman leaned against him while she pumped. “Do my breasts feel nice on your soft skin Allison honey?….have you started thinking about having your own…thinking about asking me to give you your own…if we’re going to do it baby I’d want you to have large ones…some thing that will have people staring at you when wearing your bikini at the beach.” He arched his back as though he already had a pair he wanted to show of. “Oh Allison sweetie I think I’m going to come inside you…..just thinking about showing off my pretty gurl at the beach turns me on…. yes ohhh honey get ready….here it comes.” “Oh Mistress oh Mistress oh Mistress…my pussy feels so good with your cock inside it….I can feel your cream……it feels so nice.” That evening in the oversized bath together they playfully splashed the water in between washing and kissing. “Baby we need to talk, this afternoon after taking your virginity it occurred to me…You didn’t mention it at all not once did you say my dick or my cock…. no you only thought of how nice it felt being penetrated Allison didn’t you?” His fingers lifted moving his long wet hair back behind his ears off his face. Holding still he looked at her. “Maam may I ask a question?” Rebecca looked at him lifting both her hands up she ran a dollop of body-wash along her sumptuous breasts relishing the feeling of doing it. “Yes dear what is it?” “Would you make into me a woman…I mean could you…. would you…can you transform me please…..I want to be a woman ……I want to be ‘your’ woman.” Feeling victorious at hearing her prediction from 4 months earlier come true she found herself putting a smile on her face. “Baby I don’t do things have way, you’ll have to fully commit, months of change lie ahead if we are to do it.” As she spoke he kept nodding his head in agreement. The older woman opened the front door conveying a sense of wisdom a matriarch displays in her appearance. “May I help you young lady, are you here for the hurricane relief fund or maybe it’s the first responder fire fighters…. we’ve donated to both…is it for Hillary is she running again?, I’m leaning towards Elizabeth or maybe Tulsi or Kamala or Marianne I have all of her books on spirituality I hate how they malign her for her beliefs, is it for Amy I’ll vote for anyone of them over that draft dodging tax dodging low down sociopathic red headed self absorbed mysogynistic megalomaniac pathological lying narcissist who wants to become a dictator like all his other friends. “Mother it’s me, I call myself Allison now.” “Alvin dear is that really you? You look adorable.” Just then Rebecca stepped onto the front door steps after having come from the car. Moving to stand next her Allison the woman’s face broke into a smile. “I know you, you’re Rebecca Sanders the famous author…..call me Hazel.” Rebecca replied “Good day Hazel, nice to meet you.” The woman shouted out as only a mother can do. “Trisha and Lisbeth come here…guess who’s here….our Alvin is home with a guest.” Opening the door wider she let her hand rest on Allison’s arm before pulling him in for a hug. “I meant to say Allison…forgive me darling it’s been so long since I’ve seen you I may have to take a little bit of time to get used to this.” Trisha and Lisbeth, Alvin’s two sisters walked in from the den. “Your Rebecca Sanders. “ After saying it Lisbeth smiled at her sister Trisha. “I have all her books.” She looked at Rebecca. “I finished ‘Feminine Power Play’ a month after it came out.’ “Well let me have it and I’ll autograph it of you.” In a booming voice Lisbeth yelled out. “Nigel get in here…” From the kitchen they heard a high-pitched male voice reply “Yes dear……I’m coming.” Wearing an apron over his shirt with tie still knotted the male turned the corner holding a dishrag and sponge. “Just finishing the dishes honey.” “Get out your tea service….the good one…. serve us women in the living room….make it for four ……no make that five we have a new member to the tribe.” “Yes dear.” Rebecca smiled at her. “I see you did read it…your husband I take it?’ “Yes he is my subby-hubby now….chapter 8 if I’m right……train a male husband correctly and he’s your devoted spouse for life.” Trisha held Allison by both ‘her’ hands. “Your nails are to die for….they're so long.” A gentle breath came out letting his breasts give off a slight heave. Turning to silently look at Rebecca he looked back at Trisha. “I’ve seen the light of the feminine grow within me…you’re not upset I no longer look like your brother are you?” “No of course not, there were times when you were so mean to me and Lisbeth when we were younger yet seeing you now all is forgiven.” The sister pulled her new ‘sister’ Allison in for a hug. When she finished she playfully snapped the back of his bra where it was hooked. “Remember when you would do that to Lisbeth and me?” Nigel his apron in place hung in the background smiling while silently dusting the book shelves with the group of female continuing their discussion. As with many male who’d been emasculated by their woman these days for all intense and purposes his balls might as well have been kept out of his reach in a sealed mason jar in the cupboard. It was Lisbeth who brought the topic up. “Allison I’ve seen a few crossdressers in my time, they usually have a bump at their crotch yet I don’t see one with you.” “I’m a post-op t-gurl….” Allison looked at Rebecca as if seeking her approval. The woman nodded her head ‘yes’. “….here I‘ll show you.’ The t-gurl lifted the hem of her dress pulling it up to her garter-belt. Framed between the frilly straps holding her stockings they saw the smooth flat look of her panties. “I have a vagina to go with my augmented c-cups.” The matriarch of a mother spoke. “Yes, ….yes you do…how lovely, such a pretty slit…doesn’t it look cute the way your pussy lips pout against your panties…….Oh I’ve always thought a camel toe look is so sexy don’t you Rebecca?” “Yes Hazel I do…..I have a few pairs of tight jeans that make me look like I’m smuggling a yoyo between my legs.” The comment made the other females laugh. Nigel gave a quick look over his shoulder seeing the vagina on the male turned t-gurl sent a shiver down his spine and seemed to unnerve him. “Hummm I’ll just go check on the pot roast Lisbeth dear.’ The woman looked at Rebecca, her mother Hazel and sister Trisha as Nigel hurried away. “Oh we’ve sent him into a tizzy…..he’s deathly afraid I’ll put him in panties or worse.”