Oct 31

Mz Heather


Edited: Nov 1

Greetings to E/everyone ...

I would like to take a few moments and introduce to E/everyone Mz Heather.. She is a TG Girl who has been My Personal Assistant .. Secretary and Alpha Slave Girl.She has now been advanced into Domme Training and has My Premissions and FULL Authority and will be taking some of My slavegirls under Her wing at My Direction ... ALL Instructions Tasks or Advise given by Mz Heather will be completed as Instructed and listened or Adhered to as if they had come from Me ... Pay Mz Heather the same Respect that you would give to any Domme or Myself ...


So it is written .. So it will be done .. Blessed Be


Mistress Darklady Camille

Oct 31

Congratulations, Mz Heather. i'm sure You'll be wonderful to Your girls! x

Thank You my Mistress for Your continued faith in me and Your friendship. It is an honor to be in Your service as Your PA and under Your Superior guidance and training for this position. As an extension of You, I feel blessed and will work hard to live up to this task and continue to make You proud. You have been wonderful to me and I only hope I can reflect that brightly to all who seek guidance here.


:) Hello girls and thank you adele!! xx



well done you certainly have the capacity to fulfil this roll superbly. Best wishes and I hope we are able to talk about various ideas in the future Love and hugs Moira xxx

3 days ago

Welcome Mz. Heather from DLC's ales